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10 April 2011

The brouhaha surrounding the changes at Talkindo-Metro TV has ended with the relaunching of Talkindo today, featuring Dalton, Rahayu Saraswati and soon to be announced new co-host. We talk about the process and result. The result is good, keep the show alive and taking me off the team. Totally within Metro TV rights and something I would readily have agreed to, had it been done in proper fashion. As it was, MetroTV management used the story in their internal meetings that I had insulted Mr. Surya Paloh, owner of MetroTV. I did no such thing, and never in the years of public comment have I attacked a person personally. We look at policies and action. And the fault of Metro TV policies and action lie in the hands of management, not of the owners. Here is a complete audit of my tweets on that day, when NATO air strikes begun in Libya.


@wimar tweets on March 24, 2011

Gadafi's victims evident RT @andinieffendi: local TV always say civilians become targets but no visuals.Govt can't provide clear evidence

komentar @metrotvnews ? RT @zuhairimisrawi: Pasukan Qaddafi menggempur Misrata. Puluhan warga tewas, termasuk anak-anak dan perempuan.#Libya

skenario perang minyak adalah teori. pembantaian rakyat oleh Gadafi adalah kenyataan

conspiracy oil war scenario is theory. Murder oif civilians by Gadafi is fact. Ask TV reporters, not their editors or owners

@tomtjok please ask your editor not to mislead viewers on libya. have andini do a directr broadcast, report in her own words

Tommy is a good man doing his job RT @ariabaron: :):)I like this.. Both true gentlemen .. re: have faith in @tomtjok

dukung Gadafi sengsarakan rakyat Libya RT @gono_uputuu_: Kasian rakyat libya RT @wimar: kebetulan denger metrotv hasut xenophobia

an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or of that which is foreign or strange. RT @aldo_muhes: @wimar what the heck is Xenophobia

berat sebelah, sembunyikan fakta RT @yudhistirotk: @wimar Editorialnya mengecam "kebiadaban" US, tapi "lupa" mengecam keberingasan Khadafi


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  1. From Rangga on 17 April 2011 14:34:37 WIB
    i wonder who hate u in metrotv? I thought all reporters are look up to you?
  2. From Taufik Ismail on 07 May 2011 10:10:02 WIB
    oh. great..

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