Indonesia must accept responsibility for past atrocities in East Timor

ABC Radio
25 June 2008

From ABC Radio Late Night Live: A conversation with one of Indonesia's best known social and political commentators, in Darwin for the North Australia Forum. Wimar Witoelar argues that Indonesia must accept responsibility for past atrocities in East Timor and he talks about the democratisation process in Indonesia as well as its improving relationship with Australia.

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  1. From jeli on 05 July 2008 11:28:29 WIB
    This Statement very worst to our country. This is bad attitude as citizen when talking in abroad. You have to understand that when East Timor want to separate with Indonesia they know what the risk. Now they take what they wish. Should be you say " come back to be part of Indonesia and then you deserve ask indonesia to responsiblity otherwise you ask to Australian or other country that have been support you to separate from Indonesia." Is that wise.
    Dont say about " democration " meawhile you do nothing unless making bad image to our country. Please be wise..right or wrong is our country.
  2. From albertus on 05 July 2008 18:47:11 WIB
    for jeli:

    There are two ways to handle such matter, one is to cover it up with lies and live with it forever. The other is to admit that its wrong, and move on with life.

    Soeharto's invasion of East Timor is a fact, covered up with propaganda during his whole years in office.

    When you say, right or wrong it is our country, do you mean just because it is our country we should embrace a lie? we should fabricate truth? It's just sad. it's like placing icing on a rotten cake. Just admit that its an error, a grave mistake, and move on, for better or for worse.

    We shouldn't turn a blind eye on mistakes just because it is done by our family, member of our religion, our community, or in this case, our country.
  3. From Lakota Moira on 11 July 2008 15:10:51 WIB
    Hi Jeli,

    Look at the reasons why East Timor chose to separate with Indonesia!

    \"Anak kita yg hilang\" and campaigns that show all the good Indonesia was doing for East Timor was somewhat truthful, but mostly propaganda covering up Human Right violations that we\'re committed in East Timor during entire period of invasion (the whole 26 years).

    What happened in East Timor was one of the worst genocides of our time, and Indonesia is very responsible (maybe not solely responsible, but a majority of the cause.
  4. From Abraham Ganda M on 14 July 2008 09:40:04 WIB
    For Jeli,

    I'm an Indonesian, but honestly i feel worst as a citizen b'coz our past even the present government, never provide nice environment for their peoples. Even worse, genocide them. E.g: May riots, Santa Cruz, and so many others.

    We need to went back to the history of East Timor. They were part of Portugese colony and preparing for their independence, but suddenly invaded by Indonesian military. Colonizing other teritory for more than 27 years, UN never acknowledged East Timor as part of Indonesia.

    It's not a bad images, but a fact that never being revealed!!!Why don't you take a trip to East Indonesia or outside Java, you'll see how cruel it is....(I came from West Borneo, across the border to Malaysia. and i know the "different")
  5. From Jets on 03 August 2008 20:35:08 WIB
    Yes, (not only) Indonesia must accept responsibility... by making relationship better in the future. There's benefit in every kind of relationship.

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