Weekend at the Swiss German University and BSD Junction Frankfurters

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12 May 2007

InterMatrix spent Saturday doing a talk show hosted by Dr Ahmad (Derry) Habir at the SGU. So what is SGU? Swiss German University (SGU) is a government and privately sponsored university for the ASEAN region. SGU is located in the German Center at Serpong, ten minutes from Cilandak Town Square or Pondok Indah Mall. The Foundation (Yayasan Swiss German University-Asia), which was established in the year 2000, is a joint effort between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Indonesia.


Host and guest are fellow MBA graduates of The George Washington University, 1985


SGU offers courses which combine both theoretical and practical training (internship). The programs and degrees are internationally recognized (double degrees), thus ensuring students an excellent start to their future careers.

MBA programs are offered in Business Administration, Business Informatics and Business Engineering.


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SGU Rector Professor Prof. Dr. Peter Pscheid graced IMX aith a personal tour of the facilities, showing us an extraordinarily well-equipped library and inspiring offices. A walk down a hallway highl;ighted a letter signed by no other than Albert Einstein. Apparently Professor Einstein and Professor Pscheid shared the same educational institute, albeit spaced years apart.


check out our introduction to Susy's place


The day ended up with IMXers indulging their appetites at the Frankfurter outlet owned by the Muaya sisters (one of which is our very own Susy Magdalena Muaya who was also project officer for the day. Thanks all!

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  1. From Rahmat Zikri on 14 May 2007 17:52:08 WIB
    Isi postingnya SGU, tapi judulnya koq SGI (...Institute) Om? :)

    nice site.. salam kenal ya om :)

  2. From Sri Kumala Dewi on 20 May 2007 20:09:57 WIB
    nama saya sri,salam kenal untuk om.saya punya tugas bahasa inggris tentang mencari"artikel 1000 kata"tapi belum saya dapat,dan saya belum bisa membuat artikel sendiri dalam bahasa mau kan kirim ke email saya?please help me...
  3. From sitta on 21 May 2007 17:14:21 WIB
    Hi om wimar, saya nyari nomor kontak Pak Derry Habir eh.. keterusan ngeliat site Perspektif ini.... :)
  4. From Haze on 19 September 2007 20:25:38 WIB
    ahahaha..... itu lecture gua... ngajarin academic wrte and speaking... inggrisnya jago loo....
    buat ap nyari nomor kontak pak derry habir?
  5. From Michael on 04 August 2008 19:51:50 WIB
    Hello folks,

    does or did someone of you study at SGU?
  6. From wimar on 05 August 2008 04:59:07 WIB
    Michael, None of us studied at SGU but we know many who do
  7. From Retno Untari on 18 August 2009 11:01:38 WIB
    saya lagi ngumpulin teman-teman yang kuliah di SGU buat ikutan sama (Die Puppe) Deutsche-Sprach Klub. Ini klub buat ngobro-ngobrol dalam bahasa Jerman. Yang belum bisa diajarin kok. Gabung yuuu...k!

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