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03 August 2006
The 33 finalists (between 18 and 24 years old and around 170 cm height) each were given 5 minutes with the jury for the Initial Interview. The four and a half hours brought interesting dialogues, from a young lady who reported that she cancelled her cance plans for the talent show because her local government could not send the music cassette to a woman from a province famed for its savage racial violence (described so graphically in Granta vol. 52) who placed responsibility on the oppressive Javanese and the empty promises of the Jakarta government. Then there was the contestant who answered a casual lingusitic challenge in fluent and long-flowing Italian. Language is certainly a factor as the first interviewee introduced herself in German, another contestant spoke such native American English that I asked her whether she spoke Indonesia. At the other extreme you have a finalist who demurely admitted she spoke no English although she majors in hotel management. How can you work in a hotel without speaking English? 'Well, I am concentrating on Food and Beverages, specifically pastries.' Hmm she can speak French to her chief cook. And it was pointed out that Miss Puerto Rico came to the Miss Universe pageant with an interpreter. The next step for Miss Indonesia will be Miss World in Warsaw. Get ready, Polish interpreters.
0wawancara.jpg 0jury.jpg
The members of the jury mark their findings on scoring sheets, one sheet for every three contestant. Completed sheets are continuously collected so by the end of the 33 interviews it takes just minutes to get the results out of the spreadsheet.  We have this result (in my pocket, top secret) and this counts for 50% of the total score.
The talent show @ Planet Hollywood displayed stage skills such as singing, dancing, poetry reading and story-telling. This is given 10% weight. The scores are also summed up from the Beauty, Intelligence, Personality measures. Intelligence? Like, how does a finalist cope with adversity? One contestant was in tears because the organizers had lost her CD to accompany a North Sulawesi dance. Never fear, she gave the organist a few hints and synchronizing the tempo, she got into the rhythm just as her time expired. Before the dance she told the audience about the mishap and how she had to twiddle her thumb before coming on as the last candidate to get a turn. That falls under Intelligence. While this was a demonstration of grace under pressure, the master of ceremonies had to show composure when he was told by the contestant from an exotic island that the dance she just did was a call to souls lost after death. The emcee immediately fell into a mock trance.
0dugem.JPG  0talent.jpg
Well it was good fun, filling our lives with love and laughter. So, the grand final will count for 40%, making up the 100% official score by the jury. Then there will be the people's favorite polled by sms. Don't miss the show! Great fun. And check out my pics.
Updated August 6: Now it is history. Kristania Virginia Besaouw (Kristy), Miss North Sulawesi is Miss Indonesia 2006, narrowly edging out Putu Yunita Oktarini (Nita) of Bali. For this first-time juror, the surprise is that the selection process was very competitive, with the final decisions swayed by candidates response to questions by the jury.
Q: "What would you say to the President of the United States if you ever met him?"
A: "I would tell him two things. One, let's cooperate on counter-terrorism. Two, I would tell him that Indonesia is different from other countries with large Moslem majorities, because we are not radical extremists."  
Q: "Why does it seem that Indonesia today seems more confusing than it was during your childhood?"
A: "Maybe it is becase we had been living under oppression for a long time. When things finally opened up and democracy allowed everyone to have their say, the freedom comes as a very new thing to us."
Q: "If you became Miss Indonesia, would your career plans change?"
A: "Probably, because I would get more power, more access and connections, and I could use that to do bigger things."
A flesh contest or a personality competition? Could be both and all other things. Beauty, they say, is the eyes of the beholder/ So are a lot of other things, including beauty pageants.
Congratulations, organizers and contestants of Miss Indonesia 2006!!

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  1. From Meltje on 04 August 2006 10:21:03 WIB
    is that the same orange shirt u wore at Ochannel??????
    wondering if that is your lucky charm, seems that shirt is a chick magnet.
  2. From Yohana on 04 August 2006 10:38:45 WIB
    pilih 'wanita' terbaik ya om WW..

  3. From dmitri on 04 August 2006 11:17:18 WIB
    surely WW has a few pair of those lucky charm orange shirts just to be on the save side
  4. From wimar on 04 August 2006 13:41:28 WIB
    first it was checked shirts
    then bali shirts
    then orange shirts

    meybe it's he body in the shirts?
  5. From Siti Parliah on 04 August 2006 19:27:53 WIB
    I was about to ask Bung Wimar regarding the controversial Puteri Indonesia in Miss Universe contest. Hope this one not end up being repoted to the Police
  6. From Adhitya on 04 August 2006 20:30:50 WIB
    miss indonesia goes multi-lingual now? Jadi penasaran.
  7. From pengamat on 05 August 2006 15:00:27 WIB
    wow !
  8. From Ninuk on 05 August 2006 19:58:26 WIB
    I wonder what makes ww dragged into flesh contest?
  9. From wimar on 06 August 2006 10:08:33 WIB
    i am wondering myself why i was invited to judge beautiful women. Well, as Forrest Gump says: "Life is a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get."

    Hell yeah !!

    p.s. the interviews were pretty good for a beauty pageant.
  10. From lan on 07 August 2006 13:16:22 WIB
    Wah.. hebat ya WW
    segala bisa.
    juri beauty contest? OK.
  11. From Siti Parliah on 08 August 2006 08:43:09 WIB
    Saya sempat nonton acara Miss Indonesia itu, pas Bung Wimar memberikan pertanyaan pada salah satu kontestan, pertanyaannya "khas Wimar", menukik tajam & dalam he..he.. betul juga tuh kata pak Rachmat Witoelar di buku "Hell, Yeah", Wimar tidak berubah..........he....he.......
    Sang kontestan sampai diam sesaat, tapi jawabannya boleh juga ya Bung.
  12. From wimar on 08 August 2006 09:41:09 WIB
    itu lah, pertanyaannya bukan untuk menjatuhkan, tapi untuk memberikan kesempatan orang menunjukkan kebolehannya. lihat di posting ini, jawaban misses itu bagus-bagus
  13. From Siti Parliah on 08 August 2006 15:08:13 WIB
    setuju.............................memang bagus-bagus. Yang menggelikan itu kontestan yang ingin menjawab dalam bahasa Italy, bahasa Italynya mungkin bagus ya?! tapi seberapa banyak dari audience yang mengerti bahasa itu.

    Miss Bali, kalah tipis ya?! apakah pemenangnya ditentukan lewat adu penalti seperti juara piala dunia karena sama-sama bagus dengan Miss Sulawesi Utara?
  14. From Ludjana on 08 August 2006 16:38:31 WIB
    Apa sih pertanyaan WW yang dibilang ibu Siti Parliah itu ? Pengen juga tahu, habis ngga lihat waktu disiarkan.
  15. From wimar on 08 August 2006 23:53:16 WIB
    itu yang disebut dalam posting bagian akhir
  16. From Ludjana on 09 August 2006 16:52:19 WIB
    Jawabannya lumayan OK
    Apa kebanyakan peserta itu memang berpengetahuan dan berkomunikasi diatas "rata rata"?
    Ini bukan pertanyaan mengejek.
  17. From darmawan on 09 August 2006 19:26:21 WIB
    Om WW met malem,
    gue baru kelar baca Hell,Yeah ! Kayanya aneh baca buku biografi kaya gitu tapi it's ok minimal jadi tau kenapa sering liat om di PIM he he he ternyata rumahnya deket n ga jauh2 di madrasah pantesan aja om....
    Terakhir gue liat om di gramed pim lagi didorong ama tuh assistant (?) n kayanya om lagi bete yah.... ha ha ha persis kaya yg ada di buku....
    Congrats buat om n mbak Fira atas terbitnya Hell,Yeah!
    Moga2 tuh buku bikin pembaca tambah paham ngenalin om baek lucunya om n gimana kalo om lagi bete he he he
    Gue ga comment ah om kalo soal miss miss an yg jelas mereka pasti cakep2 lah kan "dipoles" he he he

    CU om

  18. From wimar on 10 August 2006 03:05:09 WIB
    Peserta Miss Indonesia itu punya kecerdasan diatas rata-rata, kalau rata-ratanya diambil dari ukuran kontes kecantikan semacamnya. Lagian itu penilaian subyektif satu orang, jadi mungkin saja orang lain berpendapat lain.

    Kepada Darmawan, selamat bisa menangkap saya lagi bete di depan umum. Padahal diusahakan jangan, tapi sering selip juga. Kalau lagi sendirian sih, lebih sering bete-nya hehe...

    hebat ya Fira bisa cerita sesuai kenyataan, dan Darmawan bisa baca sampai habis?
  19. From darmawan on 12 August 2006 09:18:55 WIB
    Of course donk, Om. Beli buku Sabtu selesai baca Minggu.
    Iya Mba Fira emang hebat...... moga2 bisa jd Best Seller ya......

  20. From Maria Fredrica on 12 August 2006 15:10:17 WIB
    Em ga salah dplih jd MI 2006!!!!
    We'll see...bisa ngomong apa lagi org2 yg awalnya kontra...
  21. From anton on 14 August 2006 10:49:26 WIB
    Bung Hatta pernah bilang masalah kontes kecantikan, "kok kayak kontes sapi ya"
    tapi ya...itu kan Bung Hatta, kalo saya sih paling suka liat kontes kecantikan, dari jamannya miss Universe 1986, pernah simpan potongan korannya malah.
    Jaman saya kuliah dulu juga banyak teman2 cewek ikut kontes, bahkan salah satunya pernah menang Puteri Indonesia. Und buat pemenang Miss Indonesia 2006, selamat karir anda sudah jelas, pertama dagang produk sponsor, lalu..menjadi Public Relation perusahaan besar, sukur2 jadi pembawa acara Berita TV terkenal dan mungkin saja seterusnya jadi anggota Dewan Rakyat.

    Bersukurlah memiliki wajah cantik dan ukuran-ukuran kecantikan yang ditentukan logika industri, selamat....

  22. From Marsha on 18 August 2006 21:00:39 WIB
    Hahaha... gua habis dikerjain bang WW di interview... gilaaa!! Pertanyaan yg waktu itu gak bisa gua jawab, malemnya langsung gua suss out dari internet. Asik banget bisa tempur di sono. I really appreciate your questions, your intelligence and wit are admirable! :p
  23. From wimar on 19 August 2006 00:04:45 WIB
    and i reconfirm my admiration for the intelligence and wit of many miss indonesia delegates - not to mention your beauty.
  24. From DEVI on 19 August 2006 17:39:59 WIB

    Aku nedukung kontestan dari maluku utara!!!coz dy cantik n pinter ngejawab pertanyaan,,,ya ga??????????????????????????????????????????
  25. From DeVi,, on 19 August 2006 17:42:43 WIB

    nulis komen lagi ya!!!

    aku ngedukung berlian coz dy slain cantik,maniz lg!!n padahal aku berharap dy yang jd miss.indonesia,,coa dy lbh pinter dlm ngejawab pertanyaan dr pada yg laen,,

    aku juga sempet knl m,a ade nya yang namanya yulia,dy cantik bgt kaya berlian!!!hehehe
  26. From gultom on 22 August 2006 14:43:18 WIB
    komen neeh,
    klo saya sih cuma ingin merasakan sebgai warga negara yg dapat membanggakan negara sendiri
  27. From kristania on 04 September 2006 20:18:28 WIB
    mo kasih kabar nih.... dah d Poland skrg...smua peserta cantik2... mudah2an dsini ada penilaian inner beauty, bakat n cita2 tertinggi kayak d miss Ind.... ^_^
  28. From wimar on 04 September 2006 20:58:48 WIB
    wah ada yang klik perspektif online dari warsawa nih.

    makasih kabarnya kristy!! kita pasti dukung dari sini... sayang saya nggak jadi juri disana hehe.. tapi kristy pasti akan mendapatkan penghargaan berdasarkan nilai inner beauty dan outer beauty sendiri...

    just remember - focus on how becoming miss world would change your future, just as being miss indonesia has changed your present.

    (untuk teman-teman yang baru mengikuti, kristania adalah Miss Indonesia 2006)
  29. From Marsha on 09 September 2006 06:35:39 WIB
    Bang WW, thank you for your generous compliment :)

    Kontes2 seperti Miss Indo memang dipakai untuk mencari perempuan2 muda yang layak menjadi duta2 bangsa. Seumpama ada interview nih... ada 2 orang, dua2nya sama2 kompeten dan baik sifatnya. Mengapa tidak memilih yang berpenampilan menarik?

    (But then, cantik itu relatif.)

    Untuk hal kesempatan berkarir, itu semua tergantung dari sang pemenang sendiri <- contoh kontestan yg mengejar cita-cita. I believe whatever good thing we do will bring credits to our nation, as long as we do it wholeheartedly. Jadi tukang batu pun bisa dipake untuk bangun piramid khan... :))

    Finally bang Wimar, I hope it's not too much bother for you to let me say hi to Indonesia's beloved lady on the other side of the globe...

    Wah Kristy!! Ngana pi sini juga ya... titip ta pe pesen deh. Aku udah telp Monika soal tiket. Keep your integrity and sanity intact ya. See you soon. You go girl! :))
  30. From wimar on 09 September 2006 08:56:44 WIB
    marsha siagian, you are a credit to professional women everywhere. presence, wit and intelligence are your core, beauty is the embellishment. paraphrasing eva longoria, she does not like to be punished for her beauty.
    from here we say hi to kristy also.. good luck, have fun, the process is more important than the result etc.
    maybe we should all get together when we get back and show the other dimensions behind the miss indonesia golden women.

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