Social Media as a Marketing Tool

03 January 2014

By: Meastari Ibrahim

We all use social media in all aspects of our lives. In fact, not only do we use it but we all need it. Social media has become a huge influence in our lives and there is no limit to it. Social media is too wide to be covered by anyone.

One bright Sunday morning, WW was invited to be a guest lecturer at The Business and Management School of The Institute of Technology Bandung, Jakarta Campus. He was invited to give a lecture to Master Degree Students about social media as a marketing tool. He was asked by a student, what is marketing in two words? Wimar said: “Getting known. Yes, you present yourself to be known through a marketing expert”.

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In the world of organizations in which companies or institutions live, there is a need to create or build up adequate credibility, a need to be known. The participants need to publish themselves so that the environment knows who they are, what they do and so forth.

Indeed they need marketing people. But nowadays in our developed communications world, everything can be done through media especially social media. In all organizations you no longer need a specialist on spreading the word or news. Those people whose job is controlling the media for marketing are no longer needed because everybody can do that. It’s just a click away. 

Before there were media, people used word of mouth to advertise their product. At the advent of media, it started to be done through traditional methods such as magazines, newspapers, radio, and television.

But look at what is shaping our world today. There are many ways to advertise.  You can choose one. Social media has a lot of advantages such as low cost, the results are measurable, and  the market can take action on the products immediately. Besides, social media is the only marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers. Feedback is quick but it can sometimes be harsh.

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