• The Indonesian government has been criticised internationally for not taking the threat of terrorism in Southeast Asia more seriously. However prominent Indonesian political commentator Wimar Witoelar finds signs of hope in Indonesian responses to the tragedy. He argues that it is not enough to tackle the terrorists head-on. We must also address the social and political conditions in which they thrive. Read ›
  • I don't believe we should be bombing cities in our quest for one man. We've killed a million Iraqis since the start of the Gulf war - mostly by blocking humanitarian aid. Let's stop now. Read ›
  • Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network has been blamed for the Bali bomb attacks by the United States, Australia and surprisingly even Indonesia itself. President Bush said he assumed the attack was the work of al-Qaida, while Australia's foreign minister, Alexander Downer, said it was likely the Islamist group Jemaah Islamiyah was responsible. We must admire the confidence of faraway world leaders in identifying the culprits even before the investigation has started. Read ›
  • Wimar is personality in his own right and choice to join Wahid’s team probably helped the latter’s image a lot more than it helped Wimar’s. Here was a big man with big hair, explaining that no matter what Wahid’s faults obviously were, he was the nation’s best hope for reform and therefore had to be supported. Read ›
  • Harus dicatat, Wimar Witoelar-lah yang mengangkat pamor tayangan talkshow di televisi, terutama lewat tayangan "Perspektif" di SCTV. Karena tayangan "Perspektif" itulah, acara dialog di televisi jadi mata tayang yang bersejajar dengan hiburan kuis, musik, dan sinetron, termasuk kemasan jurnalistik televisi yang tergarap macam "Dunia dalam Berita". Read ›
  • With so many behind-the-scenes type of books available to give the Indonesian public a peek into the daily lives and activities of presidents, prime ministers and other prominent personalities abroad, it is rather odd, and disappointing, that the same cannot be said for Indonesians at the top of the social and political ladder. Read ›
  • BUKU Wimar yang keempat ini berjudul No Regrets: Reflections of A Presidential Spokesman. "Kalau nanti dikritik habis-habisan, ya saya bisa kapok nulis lagi. Tapi buku ini memang sangat subyektif kok". Kesubyektifan itu, kata Wimar, karena dia melihat, bahwa penggulingan Gus Dur sebagai presiden bukan karena kebencian orang, atau pertentangan ideologi, tapi lebih pada kepentingan politik jangka pendek. Read ›
  • Ketika Wimar menerima tawaran Gus Dur untuk menjadi jurubicara Presiden, banyak sekali penggemarnya dan sahabatnya yang menyayangkan itu, terutama karena Wimar akan kehilangan “kenetralannya”. Wimar jawab, bahwa dia tidak pernah netral: waktu Soeharto masih presiden dia selalu kritik Soeharto, demikian juga waktu Habibie Read ›

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