• SEPERTI biasa, pria berpostur tambun yang setia dengan atribut rambut kribo dan kacamata tebal ini suka guyonan "dosis tinggi". ''Menurut saya, orang paling lucu di Indonesia, Jaya Suprana. Maksud saya, nge-lucu yang memang disengaja, ya. Kalo orang lucu tapi nggak sengaja sih, kita tahu sendiri, banyak!'' Read ›
  • One of the best known examples of this occurred in the case of Perspektif, a weekly talk show produced for SCTV by an independent production house. In September 1995, the show was suddenly axed without warning. SCTV executives denied that this was the result of political pressure by the government, but well-placed sources within the television station contradicted this. They reported that a high ranking Ministry of Information official had telephoned one of SCTV's owners to complain about the show, which has already received a number of discreet warnings from the government, and called for it to be dropped. Read ›

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